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Academic Journal of Medicine & Health Sciences, 2023, 4(7); doi: 10.25236/AJMHS.2023.040707.

Clinicopathological analysis of ovarian mucinous tumor


Zhou Zhiling

Corresponding Author:
Zhou Zhiling

Department of Pathology, Huangshi Aikang Hospital, Huangshi, Hubei Province, 435000, China


the clinical and pathological data of 45 patients with ovarian mucinous tumors were analyzed retrospectively, and their clinicopathological features were summarized in order to analyze the clinicopathological features of ovarian mucinous tumors. There were 30 cases of benign ovarian mucinous tumors (66.67%), 4 cases of borderline tumors (8.89%), 11 cases of malignant tumors (24.44%), 9 cases of primary malignant tumors (20%) and 2 cases of secondary malignant tumors (4.44%). The morphological spectrum of ovarian mucinous tumors is widely expressed, and the close combination of pathological examination and clinical examination is of great significance for diagnosis and treatment.


ovarian mucinous tumor, Borderline ovarian mucinous tumor, ovarian mucinous adenocarcinoma

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Zhou Zhiling. Clinicopathological analysis of ovarian mucinous tumor. Academic Journal of Medicine & Health Sciences (2023) Vol. 4, Issue 7: 38-43. https://doi.org/10.25236/AJMHS.2023.040707.


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