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Academic Journal of Medicine & Health Sciences, 2023, 4(11); doi: 10.25236/AJMHS.2023.041109.

Experience of Tianlong Tongluo Decoction in Treating Essential Hypertension Summary


Tian Encheng1, Fan Hong2, Shen Haifei1

Corresponding Author:
Fan Hong

1Shaanxi University of Chinese Medicine, Xianyang, Shaanxi, 712046, China

2Shaanxi Provincial Hospital of Chinese Medicine, Xi'an, Shaanxi, 710003, China


With the deepening of aging in China, cardiovascular diseases have become the number one killer endangering people's health, and primary hypertension is a high-risk major factor inducing cardiovascular diseases. The role played by traditional Chinese medicine in the treatment of hypertension is becoming more and more prominent, and the treatment is mostly based on calming the liver, removing blood stasis, resolving phlegm, and calming the wind. Due to modern lifestyle changes, phlegm and blood stasis have become the Main pathogenesis of vertigo. In his clinical practice, Dr. Fan Hong has formulated Tian Long Tong Luo Decoction for the treatment of primary hypertension, which mainly focuses on eliminating phlegm and freeing channels, supplemented by regulating other organs and emphasizing on prevention, and has gained good results in every case.


Tianlong Tongluo Decoction; phlegm and blood stasis; essential hypertension; resolving phlegm and opening the channels

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Tian Encheng, Fan Hong, Shen Haifei. Experience of Tianlong Tongluo Decoction in Treating Essential Hypertension Summary. Academic Journal of Medicine & Health Sciences (2023) Vol. 4, Issue 11: 60-67. https://doi.org/10.25236/AJMHS.2023.041109.


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