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Frontiers in Sport Research, 2023, 5(3); doi: 10.25236/FSR.2023.050310.

Pre-employment Education of Physical Education Teachers in Ethnic Local Universities Based on Teacher Education Certification


Weiwei Lin, Jianqiong Jiang

Corresponding Author:
Weiwei Lin

Sichuan Minzu College, Kangding, China


Based on the era background of teacher training professional certification, this paper analyzes the indicators such as the orientation of training objectives, employment status, curriculum system and condition guarantee of physical education majors in three colleges and universities in the western minority areas of Sichuan Province by using literature, interviews, mathematical statistics and other methods, and finds that there are the following problems: 1) The orientation of training objectives deviates from the original intention passively; 2) Low employment relevance reflects poor quality of training; 3) The curriculum system is difficult to support students' future needs; 4) The lack of conditions restricts the development of student movement ability. Corresponding countermeasures have been proposed to address the issues, hoping to provide reference for the evaluation and promotion of pre-service physical education teacher education in local universities in ethnic regions.


teacher training certification, physical education, nation, local universities, analysis

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Weiwei Lin, Jianqiong Jiang. Pre-employment Education of Physical Education Teachers in Ethnic Local Universities Based on Teacher Education Certification. Frontiers in Sport Research (2023) Vol. 5, Issue 3: 60-66. https://doi.org/10.25236/FSR.2023.050310.


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