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International Journal of Frontiers in Medicine, 2023, 5(6); doi: 10.25236/IJFM.2023.050607.

Risk factors for liver fibrosis progression from early stage to late stage in nonalcoholic fatty liver disease: a systematic review and meta-analysis


Yan Wan, Feifan Liu, Yuanmei Bai, Lijie Zheng, Yuhuan Xie, Peixin Guo

Corresponding Author:
Yuhuan Xie

College of Ethnic Medicine, Yunnan University of Chinese Medicine, Kunming, Yunnan, China


OBJECTIVE: The risk factors of fibrosis progression from an early stage to a late stage in non-alcoholic fatty liver disease were systematically analyzed, providing evidence for clinical workers to identify, intervene and block the progression of liver fibrosis in patients at an early stage.METHODS: The author independently used PubMed for a literature search on November 21, 2022. Two researchers independently screened the literature and cross-checked it. Any disputes were resolved by consulting the third researcher. The quality of the literature was evaluated using the Newcastle Ottawa Sca, and Then perform statistical analysis through Review Manager 5.4.RESULTS: Nine kinds of literature were included in this study. A meta-analysis of 11 factors associated with advanced fibrosis in patients with early-stage of nonalcoholic fatty liver disease showed that 5 factors were statistically significant, namely diabetes mellitus (OR=4.04, 95%CI 1.51-10.82, P=0.006). High body mass index (MD=1.89, 95%CI 0.78-3.00, P=0.0009); Low platelet count (MD=-45.05, 95%CI -66.49-(-23.26), P=0.0001); High levels of aspartate aminotransferase (MD=14.92, 95%CI 8.53-21.31, P=0.00001); Low serum albumin (MD=-0.37, 95%CI-0.62-(-0.12), P=0.004). CONCLUSIONS: This study found that diabetes mellitus, high body mass index, low platelet count, high aspartate aminotransferase levels, and low serum albumin may be major risk factors for early fibrosis progression in NAFLD.


Nonalcoholic fatty liver disease liver fibrosis; Early liver fibrosis; Advanced liver fibrosis; Risk factors; Meta-analysis

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Yan Wan, Feifan Liu, Yuanmei Bai, Lijie Zheng, Yuhuan Xie, Peixin Guo. Risk factors for liver fibrosis progression from early stage to late stage in nonalcoholic fatty liver disease: a systematic review and meta-analysis. International Journal of Frontiers in Medicine (2023), Vol. 5, Issue 6: 34-45. https://doi.org/10.25236/IJFM.2023.050607.


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