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International Journal of New Developments in Engineering and Society, 2017, 1(4); doi: 10.25236/IJNDES.17403.

Study on Interacting Relation between Integrated Transportation Hub and Land Development


Ke Jiang

Corresponding Author:
Ke Jiang

China Chongqing City Management College, Chongqing ShaPingba 401331, China


Based on the related theoretical researches and practical experience from the domestic and overseas, this paper encircles the relationship between integrated transportation hub and land development, adopting the theory of differential equation, builds a mathematical model depicting the interacting relationship between traffic volume and land price/ between hub facility utilization and land resource use. Conclusion and proof were given that transportation hub facility and land use is to be interactive feedback relationship, which may provide the theoretic foundation for coordinating hub construction and land development.


Land development; Interactive feedback; Differential equation; Mode

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Ke Jiang. Study on Interacting Relation between Integrated Transportation Hub and Land Development.  International Journal of New Developments in Engineering and Society (2017) Vol.1, Num.4: 14-16.


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