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The Frontiers of Society, Science and Technology, 2019, 1(7); doi: 10.25236/FSST.2019.010701.

Study of jet quenching with isolated photon+jet correlations in pbpb and pp collisions at Squareroot(SNN)=5.02 tev


Zhiyuan Zhuang1, Xiaobei Zhang2, Yandong Wang3, Jiayi Zhu4, Gunther Roland5

Corresponding Author:
Zhiyuan Zhuang

1 Shenzhen College of international Education, Guangdong Shenzhen,518048 China
2 Qingdao No.2 Middle School, Shandong Qingdao, 266000 China
3 Hangzhou Foreign Language School, Zhejiang Hangzhou, 310000 China
4 Shanghaishixi highschool, Shanghai, 200020 China
5Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 77 Massachusetts AvenueCambridge, MA 02139, USA.
*Email: [email protected]
*Email2: [email protected]


In pp and PbPb collisions, azimuthal angle and transverse momentum(PT) distributions of jetphoton pairs are recorded with the CMS detector at the CERN LHC at =5.02 TeV. The modeling technique is based on the Monte Carlo Glauber Model, in which the nucleons are randomlydistributed in the nuclei. Distribution of the ratio  is simulated at different centrality intervals, and the reconstructed jets have to pass the cut of < 1.6 and  >30 GeV/c. Centralitypercentile can be defined by binning the distribution with fractions regarding the total integral. The results from the simulation show that the Monte Carlo Glauber Model is consistent with the resultsof the CMS experimental data in PbPb and pp collisions at =5.02 TeV.


Quark Gluon Plasma; Jet quenching; Glauber Monte Carlo model

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Zhiyuan Zhuang, Xiaobei Zhang, Yandong Wang, Jiayi Zhu, Gunther Roland. Study of jet quenching with isolated photon+jet correlations in pbpb and pp collisions at  Squareroot(SNN)=5.02 tev. The Frontiers of Society, Science and Technology (2019) Vol. 1 Issue 7: 1-9. https://doi.org/10.25236/FSST.2019.010701.


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