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Academic Journal of Agriculture & Life Sciences, 2023, 4(1); doi: 10.25236/AJALS.2023.040102.

Effect of supplemental dietary with different protein levels on production performance and egg quality of Hy-Line brown hens


Weifang Lu

Corresponding Author:
Weifang Lu

Jinan Agricultural Comprehensive Administrative Law Enforcement Detachment, Jinan, China


This paper investigated the effects of adding different protein levels to the breeding rations of Hyland Brown hens on their production performance and egg quality. A total of 180 Hyline brown hens were randomly selected and divided into three groups, each group was divided into five test groups with 12 hens in each test group, and three different protein levels were designed, with the protein levels of the diets for the breeding period in test groups A, B and C being 14%, 16% and 18%, respectively, 16% and 18%, respectively. The hens were fed diets with different protein levels from 7 weeks of age to the start of laying, and the same commercial diet was fed to all groups after the start of laying. The trial was divided into two phases: the first phase was the breeding period from 7 to 19 weeks of age and the second phase was the laying period from 20 to 26 weeks of age. The egg production performance of the hens was counted from 20 weeks and the egg quality was measured at 20 and 26 weeks of age. The results showed that the egg production rate of test B and C. groups was significantly higher than that of test A (P<0.05); the average egg weight of test B. group was higher than that of test A and C. groups, but in most cases this difference was not In terms of egg quality, egg shell strength, egg shape index, protein height and Hastelloy unit were significantly higher in test group B than in test groups A and C (P<0.05). The egg production performance and egg quality of test group B were the best in all test indexes. Therefore, it is most appropriate to add 16% egg quality to the diets of Hy-line brown hens during the breeding period.


Hy-line brown hens, Different protein levels, Performance, Egg quality

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Weifang Lu. Effect of supplemental dietary with different protein levels on production performance and egg quality of Hy-Line brown hens. Academic Journal of Agriculture & Life Sciences (2023) Vol. 4 Issue 1: 8-13. https://doi.org/10.25236/AJALS.2023.040102.


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