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Frontiers in Sport Research, 2024, 6(1); doi: 10.25236/FSR.2024.060117.

Research on the Influencing Factors of CBA Spectators' Behavioral Intention to Watch the Game


Lei Li

Corresponding Author:
Lei Li

Sichuan Minzu College, Kangding, China


The development of basketball is rapidly changing, and the number of people who like to watch basketball games is increasing year by year. As an important basketball event in Asia, the number of spectators who watch CBA games on site is increasing. The CBA league is facing great opportunities and challenges, and watching NBA games on line is directly impacting on the audience's visual experience and game cognition in the Chinese market of CBA. In this context, it is especially important to improve the audience's intention to watch the game. This paper adopts a qualitative research method through the literature and brings together the views of many scholars to find out that viewers' behavioral intention is influenced by four factors: motivation, social media marketing, game service quality and satisfaction. It lays the foundation for the author's future quantitative research.


behavioral intention, CBA viewers, influencing factors

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Lei Li. Research on the Influencing Factors of CBA Spectators' Behavioral Intention to Watch the Game. Frontiers in Sport Research (2024) Vol. 6, Issue 1: 103-107. https://doi.org/10.25236/FSR.2024.060117.


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