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International Journal of Frontiers in Sociology, 2024, 6(4); doi: 10.25236/IJFS.2024.060410.

A Study on the Definition, Characteristics, and Support Pathways of Persistent Low Income Groups


Chen Ting

Corresponding Author:
Chen Ting

Shanghai University of Political Science and Law, Shanghai, 201701, China


Compared with absolute poverty, the problem of persistent low-income has characteristics of relativity and multidimensional. Based on the national macro data of the past decade, this paper delineates the distribution range of China's persistent low-income groups, analyzes their family characteristics, identifies barriers to achieving common prosperity, and explores pathways to promote common prosperity.Research has found that persistent low-income groups in China are mainly distributed in the central and western regions, western mountainous areas, and ethnic minority villages. Their family characteristics mainly include relatively low education level, high proportion of family support population, and single source of income. At the same time, persistent low-income groups have many difficulties and dilemmas. Such as, their families has long been at the disadvantageous position in the income distribution, high business investment and low efficiency, single social assistance,etc. Therefore, at the policy level, there is a need to advance the accessibility of digital public services; in governance strategy, it is crucial to implement sustainable empowerment programs for low-income families; at the governance subject level, a positive employment incentive mechanism should be established.


persistent low-income group; group characteristics; common prosperity

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Chen Ting. A Study on the Definition, Characteristics, and Support Pathways of Persistent Low Income Groups. International Journal of Frontiers in Sociology (2024), Vol. 6, Issue 4: 55-60. https://doi.org/10.25236/IJFS.2024.060410.


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