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Frontiers in Sport Research, 2024, 6(3); doi: 10.25236/FSR.2024.060315.

The Importance of Soccer in College Life: Building Teamwork and Resilience


Zhongsheng Fu

Corresponding Author:
Zhongsheng Fu

Hainan Vocational University of Science and Technology, Haikou, 571126, China


Soccer plays an important role in college life, not only helping to foster teamwork and resilience but also providing students with a platform for comprehensive development. This article analyzes the positive impact of soccer on college students and explores its unique value in cultivating teamwork and resilience. Through soccer training, college students can establish strong team collaboration relationships and cultivate perseverance, laying a solid foundation for future career and personal development.


Soccer, college life, teamwork, resilience, comprehensive development

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Zhongsheng Fu. The Importance of Soccer in College Life: Building Teamwork and Resilience. Frontiers in Sport Research (2024) Vol. 6, Issue 3: 113-118. https://doi.org/10.25236/FSR.2024.060315.


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