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Academic Journal of Architecture and Geotechnical Engineering, 2024, 6(3); doi: 10.25236/AJAGE.2024.060302.

Research on architectural space design of modern biomedical industrial park


Zhengkai Cai

Corresponding Author:
Zhengkai Cai

CISDI Engineering Co., Ltd., Chongqing, 400000, China


As an important part of the high-tech industry, the biomedical industry is ushering in unprecedented development opportunities. In the future, with the improvement of innovation and research and development strength, the expansion of market size and the improvement of policy environment, the biomedical industry needs to continue to maintain a rapid growth trend and make greater contributions to the development of human health. In the rapid development of biomedicine industry, industrial park is an important carrier of industrial aggregation and development. The rationality and advancement of its architectural space design are directly related to the operation efficiency of the park, the growth of enterprises and the sustainable development of the entire industry. In this paper, the architectural space design of modern biomedical industrial park is deeply discussed. The study uses a variety of methods, including literature review, case analysis and field study, to analyze the advantages and disadvantages of existing design strategies, propose optimization schemes, and explore their impact on improving the efficiency and sustainable development of the biomedical industry.


modern biomedicine; Industrial park; Architectural space design; Efficiency improvement; Sustainable development

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Zhengkai Cai. Research on architectural space design of modern biomedical industrial park. Academic Journal of Architecture and Geotechnical Engineering (2024) Vol. 6, Issue 3: 6-11. https://doi.org/10.25236/AJAGE.2024.060302.


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