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Academic Journal of Business & Management, 2020, 2(7); doi: 10.25236/AJBM.2020.020702.

Analysis on the Research of Market Structure of Agricultural Listed Companies in My Country


Zijun Liang

Corresponding Author:
Zijun Liang

School of Finance & Investment, Guangdong University of Finance (Gduf), Guangzhou, 510000,China


The development of forming organizations for the purpose of doing business began centuries ago, but the twentieth century witnessed an explosion in both the number and types of business organizations available. from the simplest sole proprietorship to the most complex multinational corporation, the various business structures have evolved to meet the needs of society. the many types of business structures offer the flexibility required to fit the different needs of both business in general and businesses in agriculture specifically. informal arrangements become sole proprietorships and partnerships, providing structure to business ventures as they grow. more formal arrangements are created at the state or national level, such as limited liability companies and corporations. these business organizations provide stability and protection to investors and officers while establishing guidelines within the organization and under the laws of the states in which they do business.if china’s agricultural listed companies can carry out good operation and healthy development, it will not only affect the economic development of the entire agriculture and rural areas, but also have certain responsibilities for the country’s future development. however, in recent years, the sustainable development capabilities of agricultural listed companies have begun under such circumstances, it is necessary to study the market structure of china’s agricultural listed companies. firstly, analyze the current characteristics of china’s agricultural market and the thoughts of agricultural listed companies through the structure of china’s agricultural market. the scale status, and the status quo in recent years to carry out data and samples. select to conduct spss analysis on selected research objects. therefore, it is concluded that strengthening social supervision and optimizing the structure and environment of my country's agricultural market is of great significance for my country's agricultural listed companies to achieve sustainable development in the future.


Agricultural listed my country's agricultural listed company, Market structure, Sustainable development, Spss analysis

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Zijun Liang. Analysis on the Research of Market Structure of Agricultural Listed Companies in My Country. Academic Journal of Business & Management (2020) Vol. 2, Issue 7: 9-36. https://doi.org/10.25236/AJBM.2020.020702.


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