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The Frontiers of Society, Science and Technology, 2021, 3(3); doi: 10.25236/FSST.2021.030301.

The Historical Development and Related Research Exploration of Focus Brief Group Therapy


Yanfeng Jia

Corresponding Author:
Yanfeng Jia

Mental Health Education and Counseling Center, Guangzhou City Institute of Technology, Guangzhou, China


Group psychotherapy has a long history as an effective method of psychological counseling and treatment. With the continuous development of group psychotherapy research and the needs of people's social reality, short-range group therapy, a shorter, more affordable and more efficient form of treatment, has become popular in recent years. On the basis of short-range group therapy, Professor Martyn Whittingham, an American psychologist, introduced the Inventory of Interpersonal Problems (IIP32), and develops a new model of short-range group therapy based on Interpersonal focus orientation: Focus Brief Group Therapy (FBGT). It can be used in eight or fewer group sessions to specifically alleviate the interpersonal problems that plague group members. This paper will introduce the historical development and related research from group psychotherapy to short-range group psychotherapy and short range focus group therapy. In particular, it introduces the theoretical basis of short-range focus group therapy, the identification, classification and measurement of interpersonal problems, and related research. It is expected to provide reference for the research and development of short-range focus group therapy.


Group psychotherapy, Focus brief group therapy, Historical development, the inventory of interpersonal problems

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