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International Journal of New Developments in Engineering and Society, 2017, 1(2); doi: 10.25236/IJNDES.17218.

Analysis on the Evaluation System of Educational Modernization


Yi Zhou

Corresponding Author:
Yi Zhou

Chengdu Institute of Education Sciences, Chengdu, Sichuan, 610000


In nearly 150 years of history, from the initial self-proclaimed, negative reference to today's creative learning, during which experienced twists and turns, repeated, or even turbulence, but also finally entered a smooth development track. Education modernization from the initial emphasis on the external conditions of education, such as the modernization of school planning and construction, and then to a little easier, such as the popularity of education, curriculum and other scientific, and so on, and then critical, essential education modernization gradually appear. This development process to promote us to take the initiative to grasp this opportunity to play the value of education modernization guide, to overcome the key issues of education modernization. Therefore, this study focuses on the value elements of educational modernization and the value dimension in the evaluation index system of educational modernization, and puts it in the comparative view of Chinese and western countries to grasp the different value orientation of national education modernization at different levels of modern development. Horizontal dimension of the comparison; from the vertical dimension analysis, to understand the modernization of education in China and the occurrence of change.Across the East and the West, through the past and present, in the layers of analysis to tap the current value of modern education, where the value of what kind of development and experience, in the repeated comparison of trade-offs to clarify the value of education modernization, and put forward the current education Some Suggestions on the Choice of Value Dimension of Modern Evaluation Index System.


Education Modernization, Evaluation System, Analysis

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Yi Zhou.Analysis on the Evaluation System of Educational Modernization.  International Journal of New Developments in Engineering and Society (2017) Vol.1, Num.2: 73-76.


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