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Frontiers in Sport Research, 2021, 3(4); doi: 10.25236/FSR.2021.030402.

Exploration of the Path of Community Public Sports Service System Based on the Perspective of "Healthy China"


Fan Liu1, Wenjing Fu2

Corresponding Author:
Fan Liu

1Department of Physical Education, Xiangtan Institute of Technology, Xiangtan 411100, China

2Hunan Provincial Key Laboratory of Cognition and Human Behavior, Changsha 410081, China


With the development of economy, the progress of society, and the improvement of people's living standards, the related issues of community sports public services have gradually attracted people's attention. The overall deployment of the construction of a "Healthy China" is a major issue related to the physical fitness of the people. This article uses research methods of literature and logical analysis to systematically analyze the elements of the community public sports service system and the status quo. The research finds that the community is an important form of organization in modern urban life. Only after systematic analysis, only by establishing a comprehensive public sports service system around the community, so that residents of all ages can find suitable sports, sports venues and equipment, and professionally provide various services, can we truly implement the "Healthy China" strategy.


community public sports, healthy China, service system

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Fan Liu, Wenjing Fu. Exploration of the Path of Community Public Sports Service System Based on the Perspective of "Healthy China". Frontiers in Sport Research (2021) Vol. 3, Issue 4: 5-9. https://doi.org/10.25236/FSR.2021.030402.


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