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International Journal of Frontiers in Sociology, 2021, 3(7); doi: 10.25236/IJFS.2021.030705.

High-Speed Rail, Market Segmentation and Economic Growth


Yongquan Tang

Corresponding Author:
Yongquan Tang

Shanghai University, Shanghai, 201800, China


Since the Reform and Opening Up, There have Been Beggar-Thy-Neighbor Market Segmentation Phenomena Such as Market Protection and Vicious Competition in Different Regions of China, and the Impact of Market Segmentation on Economic Growth in Different Regions Remains to Be Explored. The Opening of High-Speed Railway has a Certain Easing Effect on Market Segmentation. This Paper Uses the Relative Price Method to Calculate the Commodity Market Segmentation Index, Labor Market Segmentation Index and Capital Goods Market Segmentation Index in 29 Provinces from 2003 to 2017. The Results Show that the Degree of Labor Market Segmentation is the Highest in the Whole Country, and the Degree Of Market Segmentation In The Eastern Region Is Lower Than That In The Central and Western Regions. On this Basis, the Paper Makes an Empirical Analysis on the Impact of High-Speed Railway on Market Segmentation and the Impact of Market Segmentation on Economic Growth. The Segmentation of Commodity Market is Beneficial to Economic Development in the East, While the Segmentation of Labor Market Plays a Negative Role. Finally, Policy Suggestions are Put Forward According to the Results. 


High-Speed Rail, Market Segmentation, Economic Growth

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Yongquan Tang. High-Speed Rail, Market Segmentation and Economic Growth. International Journal of Frontiers in Sociology (2021), Vol. 3, Issue 7: 32-36. https://doi.org/10.25236/IJFS.2021.030705.


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