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Academic Journal of Computing & Information Science, 2022, 5(1); doi: 10.25236/AJCIS.2022.050115.

Brain-computer Interface Analysis Based on Motor Imagination


Qing Yang1, Yanzhong Zhang2

Corresponding Author:
Qing Yang

1School of Mechanical Engineering, Beijing Institute of Technology, Beijing, 100081, China

2Department of Information, Beijing University of Technology, Beijing, 100124, China


Brain computer interface technology, also known as BCI, is a kind of human brain consciousness signal collection, conversion, analysis, interpretation, finally realize the human brain to external computer control equipment directly send operation command technology, this technology can make human do not use muscle pathway feedback, can also by directly control designated muscle groups or mechanical equipment, to complete the daily body movements.Although the current stage of BCI technology has achieved some research results, there are obviously many problems in efficiency and accuracy in brain consciousness recognition.Based on this, from the perspective of motor imagination model, this paper analyzes the brain-computer interface system design of BCI technical consciousness signal recognition function, and expounds the logic idea of realizing the classification and recognition algorithm function of signal feature differentiation.


Brain-Computer Interface; Awareness Recognition; Motion Imagination

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Qing Yang, Yanzhong Zhang. Brain-computer Interface Analysis Based on Motor Imagination. Academic Journal of Computing & Information Science (2022), Vol. 5, Issue 1: 76-79. https://doi.org/10.25236/AJCIS.2022.050115.


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