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Academic Journal of Business & Management, 2022, 4(2); doi: 10.25236/AJBM.2022.040215.

Research on the Influencing Factors of Shandong Economy Based on Grey Relational Analysis


Anjing Zheng1, Kang Gai2

Corresponding Author:
Anjing Zheng

1Westa College of Southwest University, Chongqing, China

2Business School of Shandong University of Technology, Zibo, China


Shandong is a powerful economic province in North China. Studying the influencing factors of its economic development is quite significant for improving the quality of Shandong’s economic development and optimizing the economic structure. This paper chooses the grey relational method to conduct an empirical study on the relationship between the economic development of Shandong Province and the index system composed of specific indicators in the primary, secondary and tertiary industries. The results show that the current industrial structure of Shandong Province is still the "secondary-primary-tertiary " and the gap between the three is small. From the perspective of different influencing factors, this paper proposes for the economic development of Shandong Province to use consumption hotspots as a lever to promote the transformation of industrial structure, promote the upgrading of the industrial chain based on the secondary industry and marine resources, and increase investment in the service industry and encourage enterprises to develop new energy. It can offer benign advice politically and provide practical theoretical support and fresh thinking perspectives for the introduction of relevant policies for high-quality economic development in Shandong Province.


Shandong Economy; Industrial Structure; Grey Relational Analysis; Indicator System

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Anjing Zheng, Kang Gai. Research on the Influencing Factors of Shandong Economy Based on Grey Relational Analysis. Academic Journal of Business & Management (2022) Vol. 4, Issue 2: 84-90. https://doi.org/10.25236/AJBM.2022.040215.


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