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The Frontiers of Society, Science and Technology, 2022, 4(10); doi: 10.25236/FSST.2022.041009.

Digital communication in museums in the age of all media from "only this green"


Wang Yang

Corresponding Author:
Wang Yang

Faculty of Arts and Humanities, Xi'an Shiyou University, Xi'an, China 


The 2022 CCTV Spring Festival Gala Dance and Poetry Drama 'Only This Green' has been widely acclaimed by the public and hailed by industry experts as a 'phenomenal' work of art. The transformation of the value of the piece from the relics in the collection "A Thousand Miles of Rivers and Mountains" to "Only This Green" is not only to fill the public's aesthetic appetite and create a visual feast, but also to create a new era narrative structure for "green", "landscape" and "characters". The anthropomorphic characterisation of the 'characters', combined with the aesthetic perspective of the traditional Chinese idea of 'the unity of heaven and man', provides new ideas for the digital communication of museums. In this paper, the digital communication characteristics and development strategies of museums in the era of full media will be analysed in depth from the example of "Only This Green".


Only This Green; All Media; Museums; Digitisation; Communication

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Wang Yang. Digital communication in museums in the age of all media from "only this green". The Frontiers of Society, Science and Technology (2022) Vol. 4, Issue 10: 48-54. https://doi.org/10.25236/FSST.2022.041009.


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