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Academic Journal of Architecture and Geotechnical Engineering, 2022, 4(3); doi: 10.25236/AJAGE.2022.040301.

The Seismic Reinforcement Technology of External Cable Stayed Steel Strand on Frame Structure


Yongkang Ning

Corresponding Author:
Yongkang Ning

College of Civil Engineering, Ludong University, Yantai, 264025, P.R.China


In this paper, a comparative study of three enhancement methods is carried out for the practical application of the external attached cable-stayed steel strand seismic enhancement technology in multi-storey frame structure buildings. Moreover, Midas civil finite element software is used to conduct the time-history research on the building structure under the influence of rare occurrence earthquakes. In this paper, the improvement effects of different reinforcement models on structural strength are studied from the perspective of maximum displacement angle, natural vibration period and total inter-story shear force. The results show that the integrity and seismic resistance of the reinforced concrete frame structure treated with external cable-stayed steel strand components are significantly improved compared with the original components. However, the middle part of the result curves of different models is quite different. Based on this, this paper combines the simulation results to sort out the practical engineering applications of different reinforcement schemes.


Frame structure; Cable stayed structure; Seismic reinforcement; Direct dynamic method

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Yongkang Ning. The Seismic Reinforcement Technology of External Cable Stayed Steel Strand on Frame Structure. Academic Journal of Architecture and Geotechnical Engineering (2022) Vol. 4, Issue 3: 1-6. https://doi.org/10.25236/AJAGE.2022.040301.


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