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International Journal of Frontiers in Sociology, 2023, 5(1); doi: 10.25236/IJFS.2023.050102.

Super Smart City Community Home Care Service


Feng Luo1, Shu Luo2, Li Xu1

Corresponding Author:
Shu Luo

1Sichuan Normal University, Chengdu, 610101, China

2North Sichuan Medical College, Nanchong, 637000, China


China's cities have entered the digital era, and the replacement of pension models in mega cities is surging. The original institutional pension has been difficult to adapt to the diversified needs, and the progress of science and technology has provided technical support for the elderly to meet the diversified needs more closely. This paper analyzes the reality of the transformation and further extension of the elderly care model from institutional elderly care to home care. On this basis, in the face of the smart and super large development of the city, it explores the embryonic form of the smart elderly care model, analyzes the current difficulties in building a smart city community home based elderly care and gives corresponding suggestions and measures.


pension, intelligent type, city, technology

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Feng Luo, Shu Luo, Li Xu. Super Smart City Community Home Care Service. International Journal of Frontiers in Sociology (2023), Vol. 5, Issue 1: 8-14. https://doi.org/10.25236/IJFS.2023.050102.


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