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Frontiers in Sport Research, 2023, 5(1); doi: 10.25236/FSR.2023.050104.

Research on the Implementation Path of Sports Event Tourism to Revitalize City Development


Xin Zhao1,2

Corresponding Author:
Xin Zhao

1School of Sports, Myongji University, Yongin, Korea

2School of Physical Education, Anshan Normal University, Anshan, China


The relationship between sports events and the revitalization and development of cities is very close, and they interact and complement each other. This paper uses the research methods of literature and social investigation to make a thorough and detailed study of Anshan's sports event tourism and urban revitalization and development. According to the study, Anshan City has done a solid job in the "six stability" work, fully implemented the "six guarantees" task, thoroughly implemented the "spring breeze action" six projects, and regarded the "four industries integration" integrated development as one of the important projects. Vigorously promote the integration, complementarity of the four major industries of culture, tourism, sports and health, and better drive the consumption industries such as "food, housing, travel, shopping and entertainment" to form a new business form and new mode of urban integration economy that is interconnected and mutually reinforcing, attract people with culture and physical education, retain people with tourism and health, help the cultural and tourism industry to accelerate recovery, enhance popularity, expand employment and promote consumption upgrading, stimulate the vitality of the city, strive to cultivate new opportunities in the crisis, and open a new situation in the changing situation.


sports event tourism, urban revitalization and development, Anshan City

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Xin Zhao. Research on the Implementation Path of Sports Event Tourism to Revitalize City Development. Frontiers in Sport Research (2023) Vol. 5, Issue 1: 17-21. https://doi.org/10.25236/FSR.2023.050104.


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