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International Journal of New Developments in Engineering and Society, 2019, 3(4); doi: 10.25236/IJNDES.030410.

Research on Urban Cultural Heritage Protection and Cultural City Construction Based on Cultural Creative Industries


Huang Xuelai

Corresponding Author:
Huang Xuelai

Sichuan University Jinjiang College, Meishan, Sichuan, China


At present, the rapid development of urbanization in China has brought about an unprecedented scale and speed of urban construction. I think this period is the most urgent, dangerous and critical historical period for the protection of cultural heritage and the protection of urban cultural characteristics. Cultural heritage is not only yesterday's glory, today's wealth, but also tomorrow's hope. How to effectively promote the construction of urban culture and the protection of cultural heritage has become a realistic problem that urgently needs to be studied and solved. Faced with various problems and challenges in the protection of cultural heritage, we must examine them from the perspective of cultural strategy, and think and analyze them from the overall, macro, strategic and development perspectives. This leads to the recreation of culture in the sustainable development of urban historical and cultural heritage, and clarifies the positive role of cultural and creative industries in the protection of cultural context.


Cultural and creative industries; Urban cultural heritage; Construction research; Cultural city

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Huang Xuelai. Research on Urban Cultural Heritage Protection and Cultural City Construction Based on Cultural Creative Industries. International Journal of New Developments in Engineering and Society (2019) Vol.3, Issue 4: 64-69. https://doi.org/10.25236/IJNDES.030410.


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