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Academic Journal of Business & Management, 2023, 5(3); doi: 10.25236/AJBM.2023.050303.

Research on SWOT Competition Strategy of Broad-cast Business of Guangzhou Tengshi


Chen Songying

Corresponding Author:
Chen Songying

School of Art and Design, College for Creative Studies, Detroit Midtown, Michigan, 48202, America


Guangzhou Tencent Network Broadcast is an exploration of the transformation and development of traditional Internet enterprises. Its main business includes three categories: music sector, live broadcast and value-added services and advertising sector. In this paper, in market competition at home and abroad for reference, on the basis of theoretical research and practical exploration achievements, the use of PEST and five models respectively analyzes the Guangzhou Ten-cent depending on the market competition of the macroscopic environment and microcosmic environment, SWOT analyses of its own advantages and disadvantages, opportunities and challenges faced by the proposed Guangzhou Tencent depending on market competition strategy, and implementation of the strategy. This paper analyzes the current situation, problems and causes of the live broadcast business of Guangzhou Tencent Company.On this basis, SWOT was used to obtain the advantages of Guangzhou Tencent 's live broadcast business. However, it also had disadvantages such as single value-added services, high compliance standards, weak internal review. Then intro-duces the selection and implementation of competition strategy for the live broadcast business of Guangzhou Tencent Company.Finally, the paper summarizes the research results of the whole paper, points out the shortcomings in the research process, and puts forward the prospects for the future development strategy of the company's live broadcast business.


Film and television, live broadcasting business, business environment, competitive strategy

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Chen Songying. Research on SWOT Competition Strategy of Broad-cast Business of Guangzhou Tengshi. Academic Journal of Business & Management (2023) Vol. 5, Issue 3: 13-20. https://doi.org/10.25236/AJBM.2023.050303.


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