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International Journal of Frontiers in Medicine, 2023, 5(2); doi: 10.25236/IJFM.2023.050214.

Research progress on pharmacological properties of punicalagin and its application in oral diseases


Subinuer Aerken1, Gulinuer Awuti1,2

Corresponding Author:
Gulinuer Awuti

1Department of Periodontal Mucosa, the First Affiliated Hospital of Xinjiang Medical University (Affiliated Stomatological Hospital), Urumqi, 830054, P. R. China

2Xinjiang Oral Medical Research Institute, Urumqi, 830011, P. R. China


Punicalagin is a kind of natural plant bioactive ingredient, rich in pomegranate peel, which is a kind of polyphenol compounds. Because it is rich in polyphenols, it has various medicinal values such as anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, anticancer and antibacterial. In recent years, more and more studies have been conducted on the therapeutic effects of pinicalagin. This article reviews the pharmacological effects of punicalagin and its application in oral diseases in order to provide reference for its clinical pharmacological research.


Punicalagin, Oral disease, Anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, antioxidant, anti-cancer

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Subinuer Aerken, Gulinuer Awuti. Research progress on pharmacological properties of punicalagin and its application in oral diseases. International Journal of Frontiers in Medicine (2023), Vol. 5, Issue 2: 78-82. https://doi.org/10.25236/IJFM.2023.050214.


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