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Academic Journal of Business & Management, 2023, 5(6); doi: 10.25236/AJBM.2023.050603.

A Novel Digital Transformation Strategy for Enterprise Business Management with Big Data


Jiachen Li1, Kelare Yeerlan2, Jianhong Li3, Ziyi Liu4, Jianxiao Su5, Yuansheng Wang6

Corresponding Author:
​Jiachen Li

1Northwest Minzu University, Lanzhou, China

2Jiangnan University, Wuxi, China

3Tianjin University of Commerce, Tianjin, China

4James Cook University, Townsville, Singapore

5Fifty-fourth Middle School of Urumqi, Urumqi, China

6Liaocheng No.1 Middle School, Liaocheng, China


The development of social-economy has led to the change of the market circumstances, and the requirements for business management are becoming increasingly higher. The continuous development of information digitization brings increasing data scale. The algorithms and calculation standards of continuous reform and innovative development also bring great difficulty to the management and decision-making work of enterprises. Business decision-making is the most important part of business management. The work of business management decision itself is based on the existing information, data and models, with the help of digital technology and algorithms, and summarized into the guidance for the future development. Through the analysis of the application of Big Data in business management, this paper clarifies the market environment that enterprises should contact in the development, and proposes how to use the advantages of Big Data to improve the economic benefits of enterprises and reduce costs.


digital transformation, digital economy, enterprise business management, big data, digital technology

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Jiachen Li, Kelare Yeerlan, Jianhong Li, Ziyi Liu, Jianxiao Su, Yuansheng Wang. A Novel Digital Transformation Strategy for Enterprise Business Management with Big Data. Academic Journal of Business & Management (2023) Vol. 5, Issue 6: 12-18. https://doi.org/10.25236/AJBM.2023.050603.


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