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Academic Journal of Mathematical Sciences, 2023, 4(1); doi: 10.25236/AJMS.2023.040103.

Research on optimization model of wave energy transmission device


Yue Yuan, Rui Wang

Corresponding Author:
Yue Yuan

Henan Polytechnic University, Jiaozuo, Henan, 454003, China


As a pollution-free renewable resource with great energy conversion potential, wave energy is attracting more and more attention from the society. There is an existing wave energy power generation energy output device. Considering the motion stability of the device in the ocean and the energy conversion problem, this paper will introduce the principle and establish a mathematical model around two main problems. Under the condition that only the heave motion is considered, this paper establishes the motion period model of the float and the vibrator based on the linear wave principle, analyzes the force on the float and the vibrator respectively, mainly based on the second-order constant coefficient differential equation of time t established by Newton's second law, and gives the displacement and velocity of the float and the vibrator in heave motion at,,, and under different damping coefficient conditions according to the condition solution. When the damping coefficient is constant, the damping coefficient at the maximum average output power is obtained. In this paper, based on the differential equation obtained from the motion state of the float and vibrator, an optimization model with the average output power as the objective function is established. The damping coefficient is taken as the decision variable, and the decision variable is optimized through genetic algorithm. When the damping coefficient is constant, the damping coefficient is, and the maximum power is. When there is a power exponential relationship between the damping coefficient and the relative velocity, it is found that when the damping coefficient is, the maximum power is.


Wave power generation, constant coefficient differential equation, optimization model, pitch motion, genetic algorithm

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Yue Yuan, Rui Wang. Research on optimization model of wave energy transmission device. Academic Journal of Mathematical Sciences (2023) Vol. 4, Issue 1: 12-18. https://doi.org/10.25236/AJMS.2023.040103.


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