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Academic Journal of Humanities & Social Sciences, 2023, 6(6); doi: 10.25236/AJHSS.2023.060611.

The ‘Marginal Woman’ Anna in Doris Lessing’s the Golden Notebook


Danqi Li

Corresponding Author:
Danqi Li

English Language and Literature, Hoseo University, Korea


Doris Lessing is one of the most influential female writers in the history of English literature, and she also occupies an important position in the world literature. In 2007, Lessing’s novel The Golden Notebook won the Nobel Prize in Literature for “writing an epic of female experience”. Not only that, Lessing’s masterpiece has also been used as an independent textbook for women by millions of people around the world. Lessing boldly exposed the sensitive issues between race and gender; Moreover, she truly reflected the inequality and conflicts between colonists and African colonies, as well as between men and women. Lessing expressed her concern about the living conditions of marginalized women in society through the Golden Notebook, and hoped that through her work, she could call on people to protect and respect marginalized blacks, women, and the weak. This article analyzes the marginalization plight faced by Anna in the Golden Notebook from the perspective of marginal people. Combining the character and experience of the characters in the novel, this article will make a specific analysis of the marginalization of Anna in different aspects.


Doris Lessing, Free Women, Marginalized People, Survival Plight, Capitalist Patriarchy

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Danqi Li. The ‘Marginal Woman’ Anna in Doris Lessing’s the Golden Notebook. Academic Journal of Humanities & Social Sciences (2023) Vol. 6, Issue 6: 56-64. https://doi.org/10.25236/AJHSS.2023.060611.


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