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Frontiers in Medical Science Research, 2023, 5(5); doi: 10.25236/FMSR.2023.050509.

Research progress on the understanding and treatment of endometriosis in traditional Chinese and western medicine


Jiaying Wang1, Xia Liu1, Xinchun Xiao2, Xiaoping Cui2

Corresponding Author:
Xinchun Xiao

1Shaanxi University of Chinese Medicine, Xianyang, 712046, Shaanxi, China

2Affiliated Hospital of Shaanxi University of Chinese Medicine, Xianyang, 712000, Shaanxi, China


For endometriosis (EMs), traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) usually adopts internal treatment and external treatment (acupuncture therapy, enema therapy, acupoint application, etc). It can improve the clinical symptoms of patients, and the adverse reactions are small, and the recurrence rate is low after drug withdrawal. Western medicine generally adopts drug treatment and surgical treatment, which can significantly improve symptoms in a short period of time, but it is easy to relapse and has many adverse reactions. At present, the diagnosis and treatment standards of endometriosis have not been unified, and there is no unified evaluation mechanism. However, with the deepening of research, many effective treatment methods have been proposed. In the future treatment process, we should adopt the way of integrated traditional Chinese and western medicine, give full play to its advantages, through a variety of ways of medication, multi-method treatment, so as to alleviate the symptoms, reduce the occurrence of adverse reactions and reduce the recurrence rate.


endometriosis; Traditional Chinese medicine treatment; Western medicine treatment; Acupuncture therapy; Acupoint application; Medication

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Jiaying Wang, Xia Liu, Xinchun Xiao, Xiaoping Cui. Research progress on the understanding and treatment of endometriosis in traditional Chinese and western medicine. Frontiers in Medical Science Research (2023) Vol. 5, Issue 5: 57-62. https://doi.org/10.25236/FMSR.2023.050509.


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