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Frontiers in Art Research, 2023, 5(6); doi: 10.25236/FAR.2023.050607.

Research on the Driving Force of Brand Image Design of Household Porcelain from the Perspective of Jingdezhen Ceramic Industry Development


Yuchuan Guo, Yuyang Tian

Corresponding Author:
Yuchuan Guo

School of Design and Art, Jingdezhen Ceramic University, Jingdezhen, 333403, China


Focusing on the added value of Jingdezhen household porcelain brand image design, this paper lists the "marking consciousness" on China ancient ceramics, and holds that "marking consciousness" can be regarded as the embryonic form of today's "brand image" thinking; This paper analyzes the development of Jingdezhen ceramic industry from three stages: after the founding of the People's Republic of China, the third technological transformation in the 20th century, and from 2000 to the present. Combined with the image integration of Jingdezhen brand "Jiu Duan Shao", it discusses the driving force of Jingdezhen daily-use porcelain brand image design for the development of ceramic industry from three aspects: intellectual property protection, marketing mode reform and ceramic culture export, in an effort to arouse the independent consciousness of Jingdezhen daily-use porcelain brand image design.


Daily porcelain brand image design, Jingdezhen Ceramic Industry, Brand Added Value

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Yuchuan Guo, Yuyang Tian. Research on the Driving Force of Brand Image Design of Household Porcelain from the Perspective of Jingdezhen Ceramic Industry Development. Frontiers in Art Research (2023) Vol. 5, Issue 6: 36-41. https://doi.org/10.25236/FAR.2023.050607.


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