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Academic Journal of Humanities & Social Sciences, 2023, 6(14); doi: 10.25236/AJHSS.2023.061401.

The Application of Indirect Speech Act Theory in College English Listening Study


Lin He

Corresponding Author:
Lin He

School of Public Education, Suzhou Institute of Technology, Jiangsu University of Science and Technology, Zhangjiagang, Jiangsu, China


Listening skills in the English language is challenging for those having English as their second language. English listening teaching occupies an essential position in college English teaching. Students are required to have a good inferential ability on the listening comprehension. As for the traditional teaching, it aims to apply the speech sounds and grammars into the English listening teaching. However, the process of listening teaching should probe the meaning in depth of the listening learning and students should develop the ability of analyzing the indirect meaning of the listening texts. This paper explores the practical applications with the basic theories of indirect speech act theory, showing that the theory can improve students’ listening comprehension ability and inferential ability.


Indirect Speech Act Theory, English Listening Teaching, Inferential Ability

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Lin He. The Application of Indirect Speech Act Theory in College English Listening Study. Academic Journal of Humanities & Social Sciences (2023) Vol. 6, Issue 14: 1-5. https://doi.org/10.25236/AJHSS.2023.061401.


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