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Academic Journal of Humanities & Social Sciences, 2023, 6(17); doi: 10.25236/AJHSS.2023.061706.

The impact of variety program diversity on cultural communication


Huang Minjie

Corresponding Author:
Huang Minjie

Shanghai Dianji University, Shanghai, China


In recent years, variety shows have shown a trend toward diversity. Not only is the subject matter novel and varied, but the creative and technical approaches are endless and breathtaking. There is no lack of culturally rich variety shows that are close to the reality of workplace observation variety shows and full of the artistic beauty and wisdom of the "slow variety show". Not only has it been on the microblogging hot lists several times and triggered discussions, but it has also allowed the public to link their emotions with the program's cultural connotations in an intangible way, which has promoted cultural dissemination and multicultural fusion.


Variety show; Diversity; Cultural communication; Value orientation

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Huang Minjie. The impact of variety program diversity on cultural communication. Academic Journal of Humanities & Social Sciences (2023) Vol. 6, Issue 17: 27-31. https://doi.org/10.25236/AJHSS.2023.061706.


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