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Frontiers in Art Research, 2023, 5(15); doi: 10.25236/FAR.2023.051518.

Research on the Innovation Path of the Carved Symbols of Shuangdun from the Perspective of Cultural Semiotics


Ziwei Li

Corresponding Author:
Ziwei Li

Anhui University of Finance and Economics, Bengbu, 233030, Anhui, China


Shuangdun culture is the wisdom of the early civilization of the Huaihe River basin in the Neolithic era. In recent years, remarkable achievements have been made in the work of Shuangdun culture, historical archaeology, cultural relics protection and other aspects. However, at the same time, the dilemma of "limited understanding, no experience, and difficult promotion" of Shuangdun culture has become increasingly prominent. It is urgent to adopt a combination of new technology and visual design, Practice and explore the display, dissemination, and development of Shuangdun culture. By refining representative cultural symbols and redesigning them, we aim to explore the full application of design elements of Shuangdun Site engraving symbols in the design and development of innovative paths, reflecting the cultural and artistic value of Shuangdun engraving symbols, and at the same time providing products under innovative path research with high practical experience value.


Semiotics, Shuangdun Culture, Carved symbols, Redesign, Cultural value, Innovation path

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Ziwei Li. Research on the Innovation Path of the Carved Symbols of Shuangdun from the Perspective of Cultural Semiotics. Frontiers in Art Research (2023) Vol. 5, Issue 15: 110-114. https://doi.org/10.25236/FAR.2023.051518.


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