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Academic Journal of Humanities & Social Sciences, 2023, 6(24); doi: 10.25236/AJHSS.2023.062411.

Research on the Role of Social Media in the Modern Feminist Movement


Yinuo Zhao

Corresponding Author:
Yinuo Zhao

The London School of Economics and Political Science, Houghton Street, London, WC2A 2AE, England


With the popularization and development of social media, feminists have been able to express their views and disseminate their ideas on a more open and equal platform, and create and use their own symbolic language, thus gaining more voice. While social media has become the main battleground for feminism, it has also emerged problems such as over-expression and stigmatization of feminism, which have a negative impact on the dissemination of feminism. This paper analyzes the dissemination of feminism in social media to provide reference for the dissemination of feminist ideas through social media.


feminism; social media; communication patterns

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Yinuo Zhao. Research on the Role of Social Media in the Modern Feminist Movement. Academic Journal of Humanities & Social Sciences (2023) Vol. 6, Issue 24: 64-68. https://doi.org/10.25236/AJHSS.2023.062411.


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