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Academic Journal of Environment & Earth Science, 2024, 6(1); doi: 10.25236/AJEE.2024.060104.

Exploration of the Application of Digital Technologies in Urban Ecological Environment Management


Yusong Liang

Corresponding Author:
Yusong Liang

Wuhan Experimental School Academic Report, Wuhan, 430070, China


Urban ecological environment is of great significance for the sustainable development goals of the real world. For the governors of urban ecological environment, it is necessary to protect the natural ecological environment, but also to meet the living needs of urban residents. In recent years, with the deepening of the application of big data, Internet of Things, cloud computing and other technologies in the field of urban ecological environment, remarkable benefits have been achieved in the field of online automatic monitoring of pollution sources, urban air quality forecasting, water environment management, soil environment management, hazardous waste supervision, enterprise public service, etc., which promoted the modernization of ecological environment management, and digital and intelligent management system for ecological environment became more complete. However, there are still deficiencies in the application of data sharing, intelligent application analysis, and macro decision-making ability. This paper elaborates on the application of digital management in urban ecological management.


urban ecological environment; digital technologies; management applications

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Yusong Liang. Exploration of the Application of Digital Technologies in Urban Ecological Environment Management. Academic Journal of Environment & Earth Science (2024), Vol. 6, Issue 1: 29-33. https://doi.org/10.25236/AJEE.2024.060104.


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