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Academic Journal of Agriculture & Life Sciences, 2024, 5(1); doi: 10.25236/AJALS.2024.050107.

Sex Ratio of Seven Gill Eels Based on Lotka-Volterra Modelling and AHP Approach


Bufan Ying, Zhuo Xiao, Mingjie Zhou

Corresponding Author:
Bufan Ying

School of Basic Medicine, Naval Medical University, Shanghai, China


In this study, we investigated the phenomenon of species-adapted sex ratio variation, focusing on the unique biological characteristics and sex ratio plasticity of the lampreys in aquatic ecosystems. First, the effects of different sex ratios on the ecosystem were simulated by integrating the lamprey’s substitution model into a dynamic sex-induced ecosystem model. Then, based on the dynamic ecosystem model using AHP method, the lamprey’s population was compared with the grass carp population in terms of sex ratio equilibrium. Next, an ecological network model was constructed to explore the effects of changes in the sex ratio of the lampreys on its predatory behavior, as well as on the stability of the ecosystem. From there, the findings were generalized to other species in the ecosystem.


Lotka-Volterra Model, Ecological Network Model, AHP

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Bufan Ying, Zhuo Xiao, Mingjie Zhou. Sex Ratio of Seven Gill Eels Based on Lotka-Volterra Modelling and AHP Approach. Academic Journal of Agriculture & Life Sciences (2024) Vol. 5 Issue 1: 44-51. https://doi.org/10.25236/AJALS.2024.050107.


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