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Frontiers in Educational Research, 2020, 3(3); doi: 10.25236/FER.2020.030322.

The Practice of Life Education in Kindergarten in Liupanshui City of Guizhou Province in China


Wan Chun 1, 2,  Alma L. Biscocho 1, Zhao Huaiyuan1, 2

Corresponding Author:
Wan Chun

1 University of the Cordilleras, Baguio City, Philippines
2 Liupanshui Normal University, Liupanshui Gui Zhou, China


With the development of society and the renewal of educational concept, the concept of life education gradually occupies a dominant position in early childhood education, which mainly comes from Tao Xingzhi's guiding ideology of “education is life, learning by doing”. The educational goal of kindergarten is to let early childhood education return to children's life, improve children's quality of life, integrate education into daily life of kindergarten, and comprehensively cultivate children's quality and ability in all aspects. This study focuses on how life education is practiced in kindergartens, and aims to find out specific ways and effective methods for the implementation of life education. Through literature study, observation, interview and qualitative approach, this study selected some kindergarten teachers and children in Liupanshui City of Guizhou Province in China as survey objects. At present, the implementation of “life education” in kindergartens is mainly through the establishment of life-oriented curriculum, which embodies the characteristics of life in terms of curriculum objectives, curriculum content, curriculum implementation mode and other aspects. In addition, life education can be implemented by setting up the living education environment and putting in the life material as Activity Area material. The study found that in the concrete implementation, some kindergarten teachers did not implement the idea of life education, they still adopted the traditional education method. The study also found that private kindergartens did not pay more attention to the practice of life education than public kindergartens. In order to solve these problems, this study put forward the training of young children, changing teachers' educational perspectives, regulating the management of private kindergartens, and changing the ideas and measures of parents.


Life education; Kindergarten curriculum; Childhood education

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Wan Chun,  Alma L. Biscocho, Zhao Huaiyuan. The Practice of Life Education in Kindergarten in Liupanshui City of Guizhou Province in China. Frontiers in Educational Research (2020) Vol. 3 Issue 3: 93-98. https://doi.org/10.25236/FER.2020.030322.


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