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Frontiers in Educational Research, 2020, 3(5); doi: 10.25236/FER.2020.030501.

Analysis on the Talent Training Path of Applied Undergraduate Colleges


Feng Juan1, Wang Fu-e2, Zhao Weina3

Corresponding Author:
Feng Juan

1 BaoDing University of Technology, Hebei Baoding 071000, China
2 Shanxi New Era Environmental Design and Research Institute, Shanxi Taiyuan 030002, China
3 Hebei Software Institute, Hebei Baoding 071000, China


To comprehensively improve the quality of personnel training and cultivate talents with all-round development of moral, intellectual, and artistic development is an urgent problem to be solved in applied undergraduate colleges under the new situation. Applied undergraduate colleges should start from the aspects of focusing on connotation development, optimizing disciplines and personnel training structure, innovating talent training mode, paying attention to practical teaching quality, strict education and teaching management, strict examination and graduation exit, and comprehensively promote the integration of production and education. Promote the continuous improvement of the training level of applied talents.


Connotation development; Cultivation structure; Training mode; Practical teaching; Teaching management

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Feng Juan, Wang Fu-e, Zhao Weina. Analysis on the Talent Training Path of Applied Undergraduate Colleges. Frontiers in Educational Research (2020) Vol. 3 Issue 5: 1-3. https://doi.org/10.25236/FER.2020.030501.


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