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The Frontiers of Society, Science and Technology, 2020, 2(8); doi: 10.25236/FSST.2020.020806.

Research on Regional Economic Vitality Based on Mathematical Modeling


Zhang Zhe1, Zhao Rui1, Zhao Yueming1, Zhang Zhaozhen2, Yao Daohong1

Corresponding Author:
Zhang Zhe

1 Qingdao Technological University Linyi Campus, Qingdao, China

2 Shanxian Vocational Secondary Vocational School, Shanxian, China


The regional economic vitality of a city affects the development of a city. With the advent of economic globalization, inter-regional exchanges have gradually increased. This article analyzes how to improve the “regional economic vitality”. It uses a descriptive statistical method and multiple linear regression. Method, combined with software such as matlab for modeling research. This paper selects Beijing as the research city. First, it analyzes economic factors, population factors, corporate change factors, and foreign trade factors to obtain mathematical models that affect the vitality of Beijing's regional economy. The software predicts the regional economic vitality in Beijing and makes relevant suggestions on how to develop regional economic vitality in Beijing.


Regional economic vitality, Multiple regression models, Development suggestions, Mathematical modeling

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Zhang Zhe, Zhao Rui, Zhao Yueming, Zhang Zhaozhen, Yao Daohong. Research on Regional Economic Vitality Based on Mathematical Modeling. The Frontiers of Society, Science and Technology (2020) Vol. 2 Issue 8: 26-34. https://doi.org/10.25236/FSST.2020.020806.


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