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Frontiers in Art Research, 2020, 2(3); doi: 10.25236/FAR.2020.020313.

Innovative Expression of Humanistic Theme in Contemporary Art


Jiang Hang

Corresponding Author:
Jiang Hang

Zhejiang Normal University, Jinhua Zhejiang 321004, China


Firstly divide the scope and concept of humanistic themes, that is, to explore what is humanistic. explores the new form and performance of the human theme of contemporary art innovation. The presentation mode of “human” theme in contemporary art is described from four aspects. Finally, it is concluded that insisting on the diversification of “human” expression is beneficial to the development of contemporary art more possibilities, to explore the most subtle human emotion and the use more kinds of artistic expression, is the contemporary art on the “human” theme of innovation.


Essence, Contemporary art, Humanistic care

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Jiang Hang. Innovative Expression of Humanistic Theme in Contemporary Art. Frontiers in Art Research (2020) Vol. 2 Issue 3: 56-58. https://doi.org/10.25236/FAR.2020.020313.


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