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Frontiers in Art Research, 2019, 1(1); doi: 10.25236/ART.090105.

Picture Analysis of Picture Composition in TV Camera


Jing Feifei

Corresponding Author:
Jing Feifei

Weinan Normal University, Weinan, China


With the continuous development of social development, various emerging technologies have been continuously innovated and researched and developed. Television media technology has also made great progress with the development of information technology. The art of picture composition is closely related to the final rendering quality of TV pictures. Therefore, this paper mainly analyzes the picture composition art in TV camera, and proposes that it is necessary to pay attention to the dynamic combination of picture composition, coordinate and balance, and highlight the main body, so as to bring high quality and rich to the audience. Visual arts sensory enjoyment.


TV camera; picture; composition art

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Jing Feifei,Picture Analysis of Picture Composition in TV Camera. Frontiers in Art Research (2019) Vol. 1: 20-25.https://doi.org/10.25236/ART.090105.


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