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Academic Journal of Engineering and Technology Science, 2021, 4(1); doi: 10.25236/AJETS.2021.040102.

Research on economic evaluation of a bridge construction project based on FAHP


Huitong Li*, Jiahui Lin, Xiao Li

Corresponding Author:
Huitong Li

Shandong University of Science and Technology, 266590, China
*Corresponding Author


The economic evaluation of a bridge construction project is carried out by using FAHP, the economic factors are analyzed, and the evaluation criteria and decision criteria are established. According to the decision-making goal of economic evaluation, the evaluation index system composed of three first-class economic factors and eleven second-class economic factors is constructed. The economic situation of the project is evaluated through expert questionnaire survey, and the probability of occurrence is determined. This paper uses FAHP to make qualitative analysis and quantitative calculation on the factor index of a bridge construction project, and obtains the economic evaluation score and economic evaluation order of the first level economic factor evaluation index. It is known that the rationality of the project cost is the main economic factor. Through the calculation of the overall economic evaluation of the project, the overall economic evaluation result of the project is good. Therefore, fuzzy AHP is an effective method for economic evaluation of a bridge construction project, which can provide a basis for decision-making of a bridge construction project.


FAHP, economic evaluation, decision basis

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Huitong Li, Jiahui Lin, Xiao Li. Research on economic evaluation of a bridge construction project based on FAHP. Academic Journal of Engineering and Technology Science (2021) Vol. 4 Issue 1: 4-10. https://doi.org/10.25236/AJETS.2021.040102.


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