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Frontiers in Educational Research, 2019, 2(2); doi: 10.25236/FER.033002.

A Study on the Construction of Smart Class Ecosphere


Xingyu Ma, Yachen Wang

Corresponding Author:
Xingyu Ma

Huaiyin Institute of Technology, No.89, Benjinbeilu, Qingjiangpu District, Huaian, China


As a result of informatization teaching, Smart Class is another epoch-making technological innovation in the IT field. The advent of the big data era has provided a new way for the use of informatized campus data that has been bottlenecked. This article explores the current state of smart class construction. It puts forward a smart campus support platform based on big data, analyzes the teaching results and teaching rules hidden in the big data, and predicts the future so that teachers, students and educational decision-makers can master the individualized teaching state in time, improve the education strategy, and finally realize the intelligent ecological campus.


Smart class; Big data; Ecosphere

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Xingyu Ma, Yachen Wang, A Study on the Construction of Smart Class Ecosphere. Frontiers in Educational Research (2019) Vol. 2 Issue 2: 18-22. https://doi.org/10.25236/FER.033002.


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