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Frontiers in Educational Research, 2021, 4(10); doi: 10.25236/FER.2021.041003.

Case Study Chaoshan Proverb Course: Developing and Utilize Local Curriculum Resources for Effectiveness in the Education


Weng Dongna1, Dr.Ganratchakan Lertamornsak2

Corresponding Author:
Weng Dongna

1Graduate Student of Educational Administration Program, Graduate School, Suan Sunandha Rajabhat University, Thailand

2Suan Sunandha Rajabhat University, Thailand


History plays an essential role in carrying forward the spirit of patriotism, inheriting the fine tradition of human civilization, improving the humanistic quality of the people, and establishing a correct world outlook, outlook on life and values. This paper case study Chaoshan proverbs and Qiaopi curriculum resources in class for effectivenessin. It expounds that the development and utilization of local curriculum resources can arouse students' emotional resonance and have great significance to the emotional education work of teenagers.


Development, Local Curriculum Resources, Chaoshan Proverb, Effeetvenss

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Weng Dongna, Dr.Ganratchakan Lertamornsak. Case Study Chaoshan Proverb Course: Developing and Utilize Local Curriculum Resources for Effectiveness in the Education. Frontiers in Educational Research (2021) Vol. 4, Issue 10: 15-19. https://doi.org/10.25236/FER.2021.041003.


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