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International Journal of Frontiers in Engineering Technology, 2022, 4(4); doi: 10.25236/IJFET.2022.040402.

The Design of Environment Monitoring Systems Based on Digital Twins in Smart Home


Baichun Bing1, Shunhao Yan2

Corresponding Author:
Baichun Bing

1Beijing University of Chemical Technology, Beijing, China

2Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications, Beijing, China


Nowadays, Digital Twins (DT) and Smart Home are both hot points. As the recent new idea, the former one has received great attention. And after few years developing, the latter one is gradually maturing. In principal, in a typical smart home, there should be numerous devices and systems which most can be networked. Using various sensors and actuators, these system could collect the data from the real world and influence the real world. In fact, DT can also be used in these systems. By using DT, we could cheek not only the current states of the system, but also the history of the data for learning. Therefore, it could be the connection between smart home and AI. This article firstly introduces the development status of smart home and DT. Then it analyzes the possibility of connecting smart home and DT. Finally the article pays attention to the framework and design for the whole system and introduces the modeling methods, the computing methods and system optimization. Finally, the article makes a conclusion and draw the picture of the comprehensive application of DT at the social level.


Digital Twins, Smart Home, Environment Monitoring, System Modelling

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Baichun Bing, Shunhao Yan. The Design of Environment Monitoring Systems Based on Digital Twins in Smart Home. International Journal of Frontiers in Engineering Technology (2022), Vol. 4, Issue 4: 7-13. https://doi.org/10.25236/IJFET.2022.040402.


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