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International Journal of Frontiers in Engineering Technology, 2022, 4(6); doi: 10.25236/IJFET.2022.040612.

Physical and Mechanical Analysis of Moving Contact Line


Qinyi Zhou

Corresponding Author:
​Qinyi Zhou

Hebei Normal University, Shijiazhuang, Hebei, China


As a typical moving contact line problem, the industrial coating and coating problem has a very important application. The purpose of this paper is to study the physico-mechanical analysis of moving contact lines. The research background and significance of the moving contact line problem are given, the research progress of the plate pull-up coating is reviewed, and the research status of the moving contact line problem on the chemically uneven surface is given. The tilt-pulling problem of chemically inhomogeneous surfaces with horizontal fringe distribution is studied. Numerical simulations investigate the effects of different strip widths on the dynamic behavior of the contact line and the evolution of the liquid film morphology. The effects of the plate width and the angle between the plate edge and the pulling direction on the critical state of the wetting transition, the dynamic process of the inclined contact line and the evolution of the liquid film morphology were investigated. When the widths of the hydrophilic and hydrophobic strips are sufficiently small, both the critical velocity of the wetting transition and the dynamic evolution process of the contact line and the liquid film are the same as the uniform surface results with the equilibrium contact angle being the predicted value of Cassie theory.


Moving Contact Line, Physical Mechanics, Precursor Film Model, Wetting Theory

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Qinyi Zhou. Physical and Mechanical Analysis of Moving Contact Line. International Journal of Frontiers in Engineering Technology (2022), Vol. 4, Issue 6: 76-81. https://doi.org/10.25236/IJFET.2022.040612.


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