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Frontiers in Educational Research, 2019, 2(7); doi: 10.25236/FER.2019.020717.

Discussion on Civil Information Security Education in China in the Era of Big Data


Zhiyong Peng

Corresponding Author:
Zhiyong Peng

Big Data Engineering College of Kaili University, Guizhou 556011, China


With the rapid development of science and technology, information technology network is becoming more and more popular.  Mobile internet, social networks, and e-commerce have greatly expanded the application areas of the Internet.  We are in a data explosion era of "big data" which has a profound impact on social economy, politics, culture, people's life and other aspects.  In the meanwhile, the era of big data presents new challenges and opportunities for human data management ability.A large amount of data is stored in the network information system, which objectively makes us put forward higher requirements for network security and personal data privacy. Therefore, it is necessary to educate citizens on information security in the era of big data.


Big data era; Citizens; Information security education

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Zhiyong Peng. Discussion on Civil Information Security Education in China in the Era of Big Data. Frontiers in Educational Research (2019) Vol. 2 Issue 7: 91-94. https://doi.org/10.25236/FER.2019.020717.


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