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Frontiers in Educational Research, 2022, 5(23); doi: 10.25236/FER.2022.052320.

The Problems and Countermeasures of Teacher Training in Rural Middle Schools


Dan Zhang, Shayne Klarisse E. Dinamling

Corresponding Author:
Dan Zhang

University of the Cordilleras, Baguio, 2600, Philippines


Teachers play a leading role in education and teaching, and the level of teaching directly affects the quality of education. In recent years, the state has gradually increased its emphasis on rural teacher training and adopted various measures to support the training of rural middle school teachers, which has played a good role in promoting the professional development of rural middle school teachers. The study of rural middle school teacher training is significant to rural education and rural teacher development. However, due to the lack of in-depth research on the training needs of rural middle school teachers and the lack of professional training teams, the content and form of training for rural middle school teachers conflict with their needs, which makes the training effect on rural middle school teachers not good. Taking L city as an example, this study investigated rural middle school teachers who participated in the training by combining questionnaire surveys and interviews and found problems in the exercise of rural middle school teachers. There was a direct gap between the training expectations of rural teachers and the actual training content, and the training objectives were not clear. Problems such as poor sharing of training resources, lack of in-depth understanding of teachers' needs, and imperfect evaluation mechanisms are put forward according to the existing issues, to help the training units to do an excellent job in teacher training and enhance the satisfaction of teacher training.


Teacher training; Villages; problems; Countermeasures

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Dan Zhang, Shayne Klarisse E. Dinamling. The Problems and Countermeasures of Teacher Training in Rural Middle Schools. Frontiers in Educational Research (2022) Vol. 5, Issue 23: 93-97. https://doi.org/10.25236/FER.2022.052320.


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