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Academic Journal of Engineering and Technology Science, 2019, 2(4); doi: 10.25236/AJETS.2019.020405.

Design of Automatic Car Washing Machine System based on Image Processing


Maomao Zhang

Corresponding Author:
Maomao Zhang

School of Physics and Electronic Engineering, Fuyang Normal University, Fuyang, China
Email: [email protected]


With the development of Internet of Things technology and automation technology, people's way of car washing has gradually changed, and it has become a trend to replace human-powered car washing by machine washing, which can not only reduce labor costs, but also save resources. However, the current car washing machine is only for reciprocating cleaning of vehicles, and cannot focus on cleaning the heavy dirty areas on the vehicle surface, resulting in insufficient cleanliness, which greatly limited the development of car washing machine. This paper proposes an automatic car washing machine based on image processing. The image processing algorithm is used to detect dirt on the surface of the vehicle, such as dirt and bird excrement, so as to control the car washing machine to focus on cleaning the dirt of the car body, which greatly improves the cleanliness of the car washing machine.


Automatic car washing machine; Image processing; Stain detection

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Maomao Zhang. Design of Automatic Car Washing Machine System based on Image Processing. Academic Journal of Engineering and Technology Science (2019) Vol. 2 Issue 4: 30-35. https://doi.org/10.25236/AJETS.2019.020405.


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