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Academic Journal of Environment & Earth Science, 2023, 5(2); doi: 10.25236/AJEE.2023.050207.

A Summary of Research Progress in Urban Green Infrastructure in China


Shuyang Tang

Corresponding Author:
Shuyang Tang

Yangtze University, Jingzhou, China


This paper clarifies the connotation of green infrastructure and its development, focusing on the current urban green infrastructure field: ecological research direction, green space system research direction, rain flood management research direction and greenway research direction, these research Although the direction is not the same, there is also a commonality: all reflect the connectivity of the green infrastructure. Finally, the progress of the green infrastructure research is preliminarily summarized, pointing out the lack of green infrastructure research in my country, and proposes future research prospects.


green infrastructure; greenway; green space system; ecological pattern; rain flood management

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Shuyang Tang. A Summary of Research Progress in Urban Green Infrastructure in China. Academic Journal of Environment & Earth Science (2023) Vol. 5 Issue 2: 38-42. https://doi.org/10.25236/AJEE.2023.050207.


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